Friday, March 1, 2013

Why Asha Kuteer ?

Faith, hope and love are the three great things the Bible talks about in

1 Corinthians 13. The closure of the chapter mentions these three great and
precious things. If we lose them, life becomes miserable.


Faith is not doubting the drivers’ license when we travel by public transport; not

suspecting the manufacturer of the milk product and unquestionably living in a
house without the feeling of uncertainty.

The two kinds of faith are subjective faith which is self-confidence – maybe the

character, skills, talents etc. and the objective faith. The second kind is out of a
person – maybe people, feng shui or God. For a smooth life one has to have both.

The survivors is an island after a shipwreck gathered around a fire and were

sharing about their losses – family loss, career loss, etc. One of them said all
losses were big but his loss was the biggest – “faith”, to which all agreed.

One can imagine how the world would be without “faith” – marriages will not

succeed; business will collapse and so on.


Love is an important feature everyone longs for. Former Miss India, Shilpa Reddy

craves for compliments; actress Anushka Sharma for attention – seeker; Prakash
Raj yearns to join movies – all these are some sort of relationship people desire
for. People are even ready to be accepted by default.

An atheist professor who accused God for all the evils of the world said, “Man

is nothing but the result of molecules and chemicals.” As he did not turn up for
a long time, he was asked by his student what was the reason for his absence.
He told in a dull voice that his wife died. The student asked him if a man is just
molecules and chemicals why he had to worry about his wife’s death and get into
depression for which he had no reason. This story demonstrates his love for his

The ultimate satisfaction for anyone is a good relationship. We need love and

need to show love to others as well.


Without hope one cannot live this life. Psychologists say if anyone goes through

depression, he has to undergo two stages. One is “helpless condition” that relates
to the present where things will not change even when asked for. The other one
is “hopeless condition” that relates to the future where the person will not get
even a ray of hope that things will change. So psychologists say that the second
stage is the worst because suicide attempts are been made in this stage.

Anyone can live without food for 40 days; without water for 3 days and without

air for 8 minutes, but without hope for only one second. Without faith and love
one can survive but without hope no one can.

ASHAKUTEER is an organization that longs to provide not only food, shelter,

clothes and education but also faith, love and hope for the needy ones.

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